Final Inspection & Bond

Upon receiving written Notice that the tenant is vacating the property, our office will send a confirmation letter and provide you with a Vacating Check List to help with the vacating process. The property should be left clean and tidy, gardens attend to and if there is any accidental damage, this should be attended to prior to the final inspection.

A final inspection will be conducted once the tenant has completely vacated the property, finished their cleaning and gardening and the keys have been handled into our office.

Upon a satisfactory final inspection, a Bond Claim form is completed and all parties listed on the Bond Lodgement Form will be required to sign the Bond Claim form to authorise the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority to release the bond. Any agreed deductions may be deducted from the Bond.

If there are any differences between the Landlord and the Tenant and an agreement cannot be reached, then an application to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal will be submitted for a hearing to resolve the matter. At this hearing, a referee hears evidence from both parties before making a binding decision. We encourage and support an agreement being reached between the parties to avoid this often time consuming process.