Rental Payment Options

Prior to the collecting the keys and taking possession of the property, the following is required:

  • The first two (2) weeks rent must be paid by in cash to Select Property Group
  • The Bond (equal to four (4) weeks rent) must be paid in the form of a Bank Cheque or Money Order made payable to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.

Rent is payable on or before the due date.

If you experience any difficulties paying your rent, we encourage you to please contact your Property Manager to discuss as soon as possible.

If your rent falls more than fifteen (15) days in arrears a Notice to Vacate will be issued.

Please find below the list of easy and convenient ways in which you can regularly pay your rent:

OPTION 1 - Internet Banking
You have the option of paying rent online via a simple transfer of funds. This option is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Please ensure that your reference number is contained in the 'details' section.

OPTION 2 - Bank Deposit
Pay your rent at the Bendigo Bank using a specially coded Agent number deposit book.

OPTION 3 - Direct Debit (from wages or bank account)
You can arrange Direct Debit either through your bank or your pay office. Once it is set up, regular payments will be made automatically on your behalf. You must ensure that your reference number is included with payments.

OPTION 4 - Centrelink Payments
Centrelink offers the service of deducting rental payments from Centrelink payments on a regular basis. This service is called Centrepay.  Forms may be collected from our Office and once completed need to be forwarded to Centrelink for processing. Forms are also available from Centrelink.

OPTION 5 - Cash/Cheque
Your payments can be made directly or via mail to our office located at 36 High Street, Eaglehawk.  If the payment is via cheque, please make payable to Select Property Group and ensure to clearly identify you name and property address.

For more information or to set up one of the above payment options please contact our office on 03 5446 8524.